Collapsing and Expanding Tier Pages

Each tier page in the tier grid that has children (either tier pages or multiple keywords) will have a small square box next to the tier page description.

This square is used to either collapse or expand the display of tier pages or keywords under it. If the square has a minus sign in it then the tier page is expanded and you can see all the child tier pages and keywords you have created under it. If you double click it then the child tier pages and keywords will be hidden and the little square will change to a plus sign. Double click it again and the child tier pages and keywords will be displayed again.

This allows you to hide sections of you tier structure so you can more easily see a particular area you are working on.

Below you can see that the second tier 2 page has had some keyword allocated to it. We will assume we are done with it for now and want to concentrate on working with the first tier 2 page.

By double clicking in the square next to the second tier 2 page the child tier 3' s and their keywords are hidden.

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