Modifying Your Tier Structure

So far Site Structure It! has let you quickly and easily define your 3 Tier Blueprint structure but a huge benefit of the application is the ease with which you can modify what you have created.

As you build your tier structure and map keywords, ways of organizing your site and content will occur to you that you would never have thought of before you started.

This is a difficult and time consuming process when using the Excel spreadsheet but with Site Structure It! it just takes seconds. You can simply move keywords from one page to another or move whole tier pages around to suit the way you want your site to look. You can easily save the structure and then modify it completely to see whether a different approach will work better than the way you originally had planned.

See the following sections for guidance on modifying your structure.

Moving Tier Pages

Moving Keywords

Removing Tier Pages

Removing Keywords from Tier Pages

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