Purchasing Site Structure It!

In order to purchase Site Structure It! please visit the Site Structure It! Purchase Page. This will have the latest payment options and information on how to purchase Site Structure It!.

Purchases of Site Structure It! are processed by Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account then please select the Paypal option anyway and you will be able to use any major credit card without setting up a Paypal account.

When making a purchase be sure to enter a correct and valid email address. When the purchase process is complete you will receive an email from e-junkie.com with your personal registration code in it.

The registration key is unique to you alone so please keep it safe and do not distribute it to anyone else.

The version of Site Structure It! you have downloaded is fully functional so once you have your registration key you can remove the restrictions of the evaluation version by following the instructions on the Registering Site Structure It! page.

Spread The Word

If you find Site Structure It! useful then please spread the word in the SBI forums. SSI has been included into the SBI Resource HQ and as such the need to have 200+ posts in the forums in order to recommend a product does not apply.

If you see someone who it seems could benefit from SSI then please let them know.

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