Tier Structure 101

First it is assumed that you have properly brain stormed and decided on your site concept. You have then performed all the searches required to come up with a good list of profitable keywords that you can write good content for.

If you are not clear on what the above means then go back to the 'Site Build It! Action Guide'.

The next step is to define your three tier blueprint structure and map the keywords you have found to the different pages in the structure. Site Sell recommends the excel spreadsheet as a tool for defining your structure and mapping keywords but it is very time consuming and error prone. Until now there has not been much of an alternative, until Site Structure It!.

The process of defining your three tiered blueprint structure using 'Site Structure It!' is quite straight forward and requires the following steps:-

See the following sections for details of each step...

Exporting Your MKL

Opening Your MKL in Site Structure It!

Setting the Tier Text

Adding Tier Pages

Adding Keywords to Tier Pages

Saving your Tier Structure

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