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What is Site Structure It! ?

Site Structure It is a tool that helps you create your three-tiered blueprint structure. It is an alternative to the spreadsheet blueprint tool referred to in Day 3 of the Site Build It! Action Guide.

Why Do I Need It?

If you have been following the Site Build It! Action Guide exactly as it directs then you will have been 'Tortoising It'. You will have been taking it slowly, making sure you understand what you are doing and becoming fully familiar with all the information that has been presented to you so far.

However you will find when it comes to the actual process of laying out your three-tiered blueprint structure on Day 3 of the Action Guide that what you are doing is not really what is meant by 'Tortoising It'.

What you are doing is a tedious and error prone task because the tools available to you are either the spreadsheet blueprint, post it notes or some other 'note cloud' type software. All of which have the same problem that the process is one of manually copying the keywords and values from the Site Build It 'Master Keyword List' to the spreadsheet or other software tool or writing them out by hand. This takes a lot of time and its easy to make mistakes and makes you reluctant to modify it should you feel you have taken a wrong turning at any point.

Many people find the process of laying out their Tier Structure a 'go slow moment' and because of this are tempted to just start building without giving it the thought it requires.

Building a site template, identifying which keywords you are going to use and where you are going to use them is a vital aspect of the process of building a successful site. If you skip this part of the process you are setting yourself up to fail before you have hardly started.

The Solution

Site Structure It! allows you to take your Master Keyword List and then build your tier structure and map your keywords to your pages all by just dragging and dropping with your mouse. The Tier structure is presented in a simple hierarchical display which makes it easy to see the layout of your site at a glance. You can sort your keyword list, move keywords from page to page and much more.

No more manual copying of keywords, building of your tier structure. No more mistakes.

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Spread The Word

If you find Site Structure It! useful then please spread the word in the SBI forums. SSI has been included into the SBI Resource HQ and as such the need to have 200+ posts in the forums in order to recommend a product does not apply. If you see someone who it seems could benefit from SSI then please let them know.

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